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            Hot Products

            The company is committed to the research and production of auto parts - pneumatic plate parts/pipes

            Hot News


            Company News

            Summer is like fire, passion is blooming -- a series of reports on the construction of Yongqiang Company
            作者: admin 發布時間: 2015-08-19 閱讀次數: 5

            We ushered in the annual tourism activities due to the epidemic reason, in order to ensure the safety and health of employees, this year's tourism to the team, department as a unit, each team planning, organization, in the scope of Xinchang theme, meaningful group building activities......


            Car Information

            What is the inside circulation of car air conditioning and outside circulation to use after all?
            作者: admin 發布時間: 2015-08-19 閱讀次數: 14

            If there's one thing we can't live without in our cars all year round, air conditioning is on the list. But many owners are still on the air conditioning of the inner cycle and the outer cycle silly not clear......


            Maintenance advice

            Reasons for abnormal sound of automobile air conditioning compressor and maintenance methods
            作者: admin 發布時間: 2015-08-19 閱讀次數: 1

            Car air conditioning compressor abnormal sound maintenance, now the car air conditioning has become a necessary equipment for the car, but many owners friends in the process of driving found that the car air conditioning compressor abnormal sound......