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            Xinchang county yongqiang air conditioning accessories co., LTD is located in xinchang industrial park, is a fast growing high-tech enterprises, was founded in 1996, the plant covers an area of 23 acres. It has a vertical machining center, eight stations and nine axis machining machine, three coordinate measuring instrument, three dimensional image tester, roughness tester SRT-1F and other equipment, instruments and software. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of automobile air conditioning platens, connectors, nuts and other series of products, in the field of air conditioning platens and other accessories design, manufacturing technology in the domestic leading level. We have developed Volkswagen axle car air conditioning rotary joints, Audi car air conditioning connectors, General car air conditioning pressure plate, special pressure plate for automobile air conditioning, General car air conditioning threaded joints and other products, supporting many well-known domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and so on.

            Since its establishment, the company has maintained steady development, with an annual growth of 20% in continuous progress, the company to "integrity, pragmatic, unity and cooperation; Pioneering innovation, continuous improvement; Customer satisfaction, sharing the results." For the core values, we are committed to the professional manufacturing of automotive parts, provide quality products and services, and become the world's first-class automotive parts supplier! Constantly meet the market demand, to the global internationalization.

            The company introduced ITF16949 quality system operation in 2010, ISO14001 environmental management, occupational health management system in 2015, AS9100D aviation, aerospace and defense organization quality management system in 2020, products into the Eton Bundy, Visteon, Hutchinson and other global procurement systems. Establish and improve the quality management system and the construction and development of the global platform. The company has been awarded "National High-tech Enterprise", "Provincial Science and Technology Center Enterprise", "City Research and Development Center", "City Famous Trademark" and other honorary titles. The company implements strict scientific management, has a sound and perfect service network, to ensure that the product performance and service quality is always in the forefront of the industry.